Travis Ross

Travis Ross

Omule : H Travis, can you tell me how everything started?
Travis : I was touring as an underground hip hop artist and waiting tables. A friend of mine was tattooing me at the time, and asked if I wanted to get into it. I had no faith whatsoever, but said fuck it! I started off with tracing and watercoloring all the designs from the Sailor Jerry books, got an apprenticeship and was lucky enough to make it through.
Omule : Where do you get your inspiration from? Can you remember some of your earliest influences?
Travis : I take inspiration from life, music and nature mostly. My earliest tattoo influences were Randy Randerson, Eno, Josh Duffy, Freddy Negrete, Jason Brown, Donovan Faulkner, Chente, Dr Woo, Freddy Corbin, Grime, Henry Lewis and many others.

Artistically its always been Dali, Caravaggio, Mikey C and Llewellyn lately because I have been studying anatomy and figure drawing this year.
Omule : Do you have an ideal creative environment?
Travis : Ideally I would like to be somewhere I can smell the ocean with an open window, some good tunes spinning, in my own little world of art and creativity. Always down for group sessions as well, you always learn a lot.
Omule : Do you have any kind of creative patterns and routines ?
Travis : Not really lately, earlier in my artistic career I did, now I like to flow with it and let it come to me naturally. I try to never force art.
Omule : Do you admire other tattoo artists? Do you have some favorites?
Travis : I definitely admire other artists, right now my favourites are Josh Duffy, Hugo Feist, Robby Latos, Kevin Laroy, Chris Primm, Quin Hernandez, and so many more. These are the first to come to mind. There is so much inspiration in tattooing right now, and it definitely helps keep the fire lit.
Omule : What machines, inks and needles are you currently using?
Travis : Inkjecta primarily, a little Bishop Rotary action in there as well. I am currently using Dynamic, Apex Inks, ROA and some Fusion as well. Lots of quality choices and companies pushing the boundaries these days.
Omule : What do you love to do in your spare time? Do you have a favourite place to go on a holiday?
Travis : I like to read, still love drawing for myself. I learned how to surf this year which has been a lot of fun and a stress reliever. I am a firm believer in fitness and meditation lately. Also jumping into some new business ventures is always fun for me. I love to create and push myself to learn new things.

Spain so far is my favourite place to visit. Its truly special and unique, but I love to travel and can’t wait to experience some new places soon!
Omule : Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?
Travis : Bill Gates, Gary Vaynerchuk, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Travis Barker, Dave Chapelle, Anthony Bourdain (RIP), Rick Rubin, Nipsey Hussle (RIP).
Omule : What superpower would you like to have and why? Also, if you had the power, what would you forbid?
Travis : To help everyone see what they are truly capable of and what they can accomplish.

I would definitely have to forbid abuse of the power. Double edged sword right there.
Omule : What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Travis : Try to be as present as possible and live with gratitude. Its a simple concept I’m trying to remind myself daily. Its all in the journey.
Omule : All in all, what would be a great achievement for you?
Travis : To leave a lasting impact artistically and socially. Something that lives past me.
©Photos by Peter Roessler
Diana Letzner

Diana Letzner